Moonraker is the 3rd James Bond novel . It was published in 1955. It starts with a brief glimpse into Bonds life between missions. Reading reports , reviewing data , he even has a secretary. Due to his expertise at gambling M asks Bond to come to his club and investigate whether one of the other members (Hugo Drax) is cheating at cards. Drax is a prominent public figure involved in the development of a nuclear missile for  the defense of Britain and M is concerned about the possible scandal if it should come to light. Bond confirms Drax is cheating and then cheats him in turn with a stacked deck.

Bond is then assigned to Drax’s installation after the death of the previous security officer. Bond subsequently discovers (with the help of Drax’s secretary – an undercover police officer) that Drax is actually not a British war hero but a Nazi saboteur bent on destroying London with the missile.

Bond and the secretary ( Gala Brand ) are captured and tied to chairs to be incinerated during the launch of the missile but manage to escape and reset the targeting of the missile back to the target zone in the north sea. Drax is fleeing on a Russian sub and is killed when the misled strikes.

The Movie was the 11th Bond movie made and the 4th to star Roger Moore and was released in 1979. what can I say. It has the name right, bond and the heroine are almost incinerated by rocket exhausts and the villain definitely had ideas about the master race. That pretty much ends any similarity between the 2 stories.

wikipedia entry for the novel

Wikipedia entry for The Movie


“Live and Let Die”

The second James Bond Novel. Published in April 1954. Bond is sent to The USA and Jamaica to investigate the smuggling of 17th Century gold coins (suspected of being the lost treasure of Henry Morgan)  from the British Territories to the USA by a Negro criminal “Mr Big” who has links to organized crime, voodoo cult’s and SMERSH (the Communist secret service 1st encountered in Casino Royale ) . 

On arrival in the USA James is teamed up with Felix Lieter in a joint operation with the CIA. James and Felix head to Harlem to investigate Mr Big and are naturally captured. James has his finger broken by Mr Bigs henchman TeeHee. They are subsequently released after James is vouched for by Mr Big’s fortune telling employee (Solitaire) . James fights and kills TeeHee.

Solitaire runs away from Mr Big and travels to Florida via train with James. Felix meats them in Florida. Solitaire is kidnapped from their hotel . Felix goes to investigate Mr Bigs dangerous fish importation business. James returns to the Hotel and finds Felixs blood soaked and barely alive body on the bed. He had been fed to sharks by Mr big and had lost an arm and part of one leg. Felix is taken to hospital and James heads to Jamaica.

Bond swims through shark and barracuda infested waters to the island where Mr Big is frantically loading a ship with tanks of fish. The tanks contain the cold coins in the sediment at the bottom of the tank. Bond places limpet mines on the base of the ship but is subsequently captured by Br Big.  Mr big tie bond and solitaire together to a rope and drags them behind his ship with the intent of dragging them across the reef where the would be slashed by the coral and subsequently eaten by the sharks and Barracuda.

The Limpet mines go off as the ship crosses the reef and Bond and Solitaire watch as  Mr big gets  eaten by sharks.

It was an enjoyable novel. the only parts I didn’t like was some of the dialog involving conversation between some of the Negroes. Very reminiscent of the dialog for the uneducated negro slaves in Gone with the Wind.

Now for the Movie.

The Movie was released in 1973 and was the 8th bond film. It was the 1st film to star Roger Moore and was loosely based on the novel. Solitaire was played by Jane Seymore.

There are significant differences between the film and the novel.

  • Mr Big is smuggling 2 tonnes of Heroin not gold into the USA which he then plans to distribute freely to increase the number of addicts and to undercut the existing crime cartels and drive them out of business.
  • The train trip is at the end of the film not the middle and that is where James kills TeeHee.
  • Felix is not fed to the sharks
  • the car and boat chases don’t even occur in the novel. let alone the comic relief of the sheriff.
  • Mr Big is killed by a compressed air pellet and exploding.
  • Voodoo has a much bigger influence in the movie.

There are a lot of other differences but that’s what you expect from a film adaptation. That being said the movie was entertaining and was a big box office hit.



Ian Fleming

Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964) . Best known as the author of the James Bond Novels he was also a Journalist and served as a naval intelligence officer during WII. His experiences as a journalist and in naval intelligence stood him in good stead while writing the James Bond novels.

He wrote 11  James Bond Novels between 1953 and 1966, he also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his son in 1964.

Whats next?

Ive read a few other novel since i finished the Heinlein Project. Most notably Nathan Lowell’s latest To The Fire Called .

My next project is to read the original James Bond Books by Ian Fleming and where possible compare them too the Movie .