”The Cat Who Walks Through Walls”

Published in 1985 Written in the 1st person it starts with Colonel Colin Campbell on a date with Gwendolyn Novak at a restaurant on a space station when he gets framed for a murder. He and his date are evicted from their apartments and manage to escape the space station one step ahead of the station guards. There spaceship then crashes on the moon . It appears that someone is trying to kill Colin. Gwen turns out to be Hazel Stone (“The Moon Is A Hard Mistress” , Rocket Ship Galileo ) who is a Time agent sent by Lazarus Long to recruit Colin to rescue Mike a self aware computer (“The Moon Is A Hard Mistress” )

As you can see this book forms part of Heinleins multiverse series .

The title of the book refers to a young cat Pixel who doesn’t know he can’t walk walk through walls so he just does it. Pixel doesn’t appear in the book umtil about 2 thirds of the way through it.

A fast oaced book with lots of changes and action.




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