“I Will Fear No Evil”

A science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein published in hardcover in 1970. An elderly millionaire being kept alive only by being constantly connected to life support machines . He knows that the doctors will keep him alive , with no quality of life, indefinitely and decides to undergo a brain transplant as a means of suicide. However the transplant succeeds and he wakes to find himself in the body of his secretary who had been murdered.

one of the longer books so far so it took a while to read.



“The Moon Is A Hard Mistress”

A science fiction novel published in 1966.

The story is set in the year 2075 when the moon is colonized by about 3 Million people. The moon was colonized as a penal colony and most of the residents are criminals, political dissidents or their descendants.  The story is narrated by Manny (a computer technician ) who is called in to determine why the central computer issues a massive cheque to an employee. The computer which Manny has named Mike has developed self awareness and a sense of humor ( hence the cheque). Manny goes to a meeting as a favour to Mike as all the phones there have been turned off and he can’t listen in. They subsequently get involved in a rebellion.

One of the additional characters introduced part way through the book is Hazel Mead (who later becomes Hazel Stone  see “The Rolling Stones” who also makes another appearance in a later novel.