“Farnham’s Freehold”

Published in 1964. Initially set during the height of the Cold War Hugh Farnham has built a bomb shelter beneath his house. During a dinner party the Russians attack and all flee to the shelter. 2 nearby strikes rock the shelter and they all resign themselves to death when a 3rd strike hits the shelter. The shelter is tipped over but all survive and the next morning escape the shelter only to find themselves in a pristine subtropical environment.




“Glory Road”

A Novel published by Heinlein in 1963.

One of my favorite Heinlein novels. Tells the story of a “hero” recruited by a beautiful mysterious woman to retrieve the Egg of the Phoenix a cybernetic device used in the governance of the 40 Universes.


“Podkayne of Mars”

A science fiction novel by  Robert Heinlein. Originally serialized in 1962 in Worlds of If magazine and published as a hardcover in 1963.

Tells the story of a teenage girl Pockayne Fries from Mars who travels on a space liner to Earth with her brother and uncle . Told as a series of Journal entries by Podkayne (with the occasional comment from her brother).

In Heinlein’s original text Podkayne is killed at then end of the novel but the publishers made him rewrite it with her being injured but surviving. The version I had contained both endings.

Personally I felt that the dissatisfied with both endings and it felt to me like the novel should have continued for at least a few more chapters. But that’s just my view.



“Stranger In A Strange Land”

A science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. Originally published in 1961 and winner of a Hugo Award in 1962. Heinlein had been forced by his publishers to remove 60000 words from the manuscript. After Heinlein’s death in 1988 the novel was republished in 1991 in its original extended form .

The story starts with an expedition to Mars with a crew of 8 scientists all married couples. They arrive at Mars and then all contact is lost. 20 years later another expedition goes to Mars and finds 1 sole survivor,Valentine Michael Smith the son of two of the expedition members who was raised by Martians.

Mike is returned to earth and needs to adapt to human society. Thus the real story begins.

considered one of the 88 books “that shaped America” by the US Library of Congress in 2012.

Well worth a read .