“Starship Troopers”

A Military Science Fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. Published in hardcover in 1959 it won a Hugo Award in 1960.

A first person account of an interstellar war between the Terran Federation and the Araknids (“Bugs”) and their allies.

Subsequently made into a movie of the same name in 1997 which received mixed reviews. Fans of the novel were disappointed that the Power Suits which were central to the novel never made it into the movie. It might have helped if the script writer had actually read the book.



“Methuselah’s Children”

A Science Fiction Novel by Robert Heinlein published in 1958 . It had been previously published in serialized form in 1941 but was expanded for this novelization.

Introduces the Howard Families who have greatly increased their lifespan by selective breeding. Of course the general population think they have discovered the secret for longevity and want the knowledge themselves. The families are arrested and put in a camp where the information is to be extracted by torture if necessary. The familes escape and steal a 2nd generation starship to flee from earth. they return to earth 75 years later to find that the secret for longevity had been discovered.

introduces the character of Lazarus Long the oldest of the Howard Familes. ( in excess of 200yrs old at the start of the story).





“The Menace from Earth”

A collection of short stories By Robert Heinlein published in 1959. an interesting collection with a mix of comedy and also quiet dark stories. Some I had never read before. definitely worth a read.




“Have Spacesuit Will Travel”

A Junior science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein published in 1958.

Clifford “Kip” Russell tells his father that he wants to go to the moon, His ecentric father accepts this and suports Kip’s desire (but also doesn’t help) Kip enters a contest to win a fully paid trip to the moon but ends up with a consolation prize of a used spacesuit which he then restores. Kip decides to sell the spacesuit to pay for his 1st year of college and goes for a final walk in it but is captured by aliens who have designs on earth.

an interesting story with some of Heinlein’s own insites into prersure suits  from his experiences during WW II,



“Citizen of the Galaxy”

A  science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. Originally serialized in 1957 in Astounding Science Fiction magazine and also published as a hardcover novel the same year.

Young slave bou Thorby is sold in an auction on the planet Jubbal.  No one wants to buy him until a lame beggar puts in a bid. One of the nobles present forces the auctioneer to accept the bid.

The beggar (Pop) raises Thorby as his son and turns out to be a spy who is trying to destroy the slave trade. Pop teaches Thorby messages to various star ship captains to be used in the event of his death. When pop is caught suicides , Thorby manages to pass on the message to one of the captains. the massage instructs the captain to return Thorby  back to military cruiser so that his real identity can be established.

Thorby is eventually reunited with his family on earth where he continues the fight against slavery.


“The Door Into Summer”

A science Fiction Novel by Robert Heinlein. Published as a hardcover in 1957 (previously serialized in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1956).

Daniel Boone Davis and engineer (and inventor) has been swindled of his company by his business partner and his fiance. He goes on a bender and decided to get revenge by taking the long sleep (cryogenic suspension) and wake up in 30 years and confront them as his younger self. He changes his mind but they find out and drug him and get him frozen anyway.

I like this one. Some of the inventions are eerily familiar.(and some we’re still waiting on )