“Time for the Stars”

A science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. Published in 1956.

The Long Range Foundation ( a not for profit organization ) recruits identical twins and triplets with telepathic abilities to perform communication for  starships . Telepathy appears to be instantaneous no matter what the distance .

Tom and Pat Bartlett are selected Pat stays on earth and Tom departs on one of the Star Ships. Due to the nature of the affects of Special Relativity as the start ship goes faster approaching the speed of light the twins age at different rates.

For Tom only a few years pass before he returns to earth however Pat has aged by 75 Years.



“Double Star”

A science fiction novel By Robert Heinlein. Published in 1956 it received a Hugo award for best novel in 1957.

The Great Lorenzo (Lawrence Smith) is a down and out character actor who is hired to impersonate a prominent politician.   Of course he was’nt advised of all the conditions ( for instance he has to go to Mars for the impersonation and he hates Martians). Naturally ,not all goes as planned.


“Tunnel in the Sky”

This Heinlein Novel was published in  1955 as one of the Heinlein Juveniles . A group of high school students are doing their final exam in a survival course. This involves sending the students through a “gate” which teleports them to a primitive environment where they need to survive for up to 2 weeks. Unfortunately something goes wrong and they are left stranded and need to form their own society for continued survival.


“Star Beast”

A Novel published in 1954. John Thomas Stuart XI has an alien pet which was brought back on a voyage of discovery by his great grandfather. The pet (Lummox) has grown from the size of a collie to a creature large enough to ride. He escapes from his pen and causes extensive damage around the town resulting in calls for his destruction.

At the same time a new alien race called the Hroshii appear and demand the return of their lost child.

This novel has as one of its main  protagonists a non white government offical. This was unusual as the novel was written during the period of racial segregation in america well before the advent of the US civil rights movement .

“Starman Jones”

Novel Published in 1953. Max Jones a young man on a farm runs away when his mother marries one of the local thugs. He runs off to join the Astrogators guild (membership of which is hereditary) as his uncle had said he would nominate max for membership before he died. Needless to say it doesn’t all go as planned.