“The Green Hills of Earth”

A short story Published in The Saturday Evening Post (February 8, 1947) . It tells the story of a blind space going songwriter ( an ex engineer who was blinded in a radiation accident) and how he wrote his most famous song “The Green Hills of Earth”.



Its Great to Be Back

A short story first published in The Saturday Evening Post in the July 26, 1947. The story of a young couple who have just finished a contract working on the moon are eager to return to earth and all the things that they miss while getting away from what they perceive as the problems with the moon. However when they get back to earth they realize that maybe the moon was not as bad as it appeared and eventually move back to the moon as happy Lunatics.


Rocket Ship Galileo

back to Heinlein.

This was Heinlein’s 1st novel published ( unlike his serialized novel earlier) . It was published in 1947. It is the story of 3 teenagers who join one of there uncles in modifying a suborbital rocket to be the 1st to fly to the moon.


In Ashes Born

I finished this novel By Nathan Lowell almost in one hit 🙂 . It did not disappoint.  It’s the 1st novel in a new series that continues on from where his Traders Tales series finishes.

anyone that’s interested should check his website. http://nathanlowell.com/catalog/bookslist/

or you can get his books on Amazon.



New Kobo

Did I mention that i got a new Kobo Aura fro my birthday. My Kobo Glo was having some issues so the girls got me the Aura. I reset the Glo to factory settings and then gave that to the girls to use. They aren’t having any issues so I guess the reset fixed the problems.


a little break

I decided to read something other than Heinlein before I continue on with the next story which is the 1st Novel published specifically as a novel (other than as a serialized novel).

So before I continue on with that I’m going to read Nathan Lowell’s latest novel which continues on from his Traders Tales series. I don’t think this will take long. Like most of his fans I just can’t put his novels down until I finish them 🙂



Space Jockey

Originally publish in 1947 in The Saturday Evening Post. It tells the story of a day in the life of a rocket pilot.


Logic of Empire

Originally published as a novella in Astounding Science Fiction in 1941 it is the story of a lawyer who somehow ends up as a slave on Venus.


Methuselah’s Children

This short story was originally published in 1941 and was later lengthened and republished in a novel in 1958. I was unable to find the short story so I’ll read this later.



Common Sense

Published in 1941 it continues the story in Universe with the muties and the crew of the Vanguard working together to continue the Journey. Of course betrayal happens and only a few escape in a life craft and land on a planet .


Both these novellas  were combined into the one volume Orphans in the Sky in 1961.