A short story published in 1941 in Astounding Science Fiction .tells the story of the crew of a generation starship decades after a mutiny killed off the officers and most of the technical staff.




a short story published in 1940, a sequel to If This Goes on…  it was also included in Revolt in 2100.


If This Goes On …

Heinlein’s 1st novel. It was originally published in 1940 in a serialized form in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine. It was subsequently expanded and included in his anthology Revolt in 2100 in 1953.




Published in 1940 in Astounding magazine. Tells the tale of an ageing millionaire and space nut who has dreamed all his life of man going to the moon. Unfortunately once it does happen he is prevented from travelling there himself due to ill health.



The Roads Must Roll

interesting story. published in 1940 in amazing science fiction magazine. in a future where cars have been replaced by moving strips (ie travellators ).



I’m getting through the short stories quickly.

Misfit was published in 1939 in Astounding Science Fiction. It introduces the character Andrew Jackson Libby who reoccurs in subsequent novels along with Lazarus Long.

Read it here Misfit



Let there be Light

I guess I’ll try to do the short stories as well 🙂  at least they won’t take too long.

The second short story . published in 1940 in Super Science Stories magazine. Its a pity solar panels aren’t as cheap or efficient as these ones :).





Today I started my foray into Heinlein’s work. Reading through them in publishing order I started with Life-Line.

The 1st short story that Heinlein had published . Published in 1939 in Astounding magazine. you can find it online at Life-line and read it for yourself.


Dune still :)

Just finished the 2nd in the series. The Machine Crusade. continues the story of the previous book but about 2 decades further on. long and involved ( but i like complex story lines – give me a good space opera any day) . It took me a few weeks to finally finish it. I’ll take a break for a week or so and read something different before I proceed to the 3rd book.

once I’ve finished it I think I’ll revisit Heinlein and work through his novels in publishing order.